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Community & Beyond

Beyond the Basic Brand: Charity Coordinator


Danielle Veney

DanielleVeney, a Maryland native was bornin the beautiful City of Baltimore. She is an graduated from The Senton Keough High School in Baltimore, Maryland.

At a young age Danielle’s mind was set and all she wanted to do was help her community and give back.  In ninth grade Danielle volunteered at Camp St. Vincent DePaul, an 8-week summer camp for children who live in shelters. There she decided that she wanted to go on shopping spree not for herself but for children less fortunate. In 2010 she filled several carts with more than $400 worth of supplies for about 120 homeless kids, paid for with her own earnings and gave them away at an annual event at Camp St. Vincent. Not only did Danielle give away school supplies but she also decided to get her high school basketball team together to go serve holiday meals at the Bea Gaddy Family Center, a Baltimore soup kitchen, where they spent Thanksgiving mornings and cleaned Baltimore streets with her church. Giving away school supplies, serving holiday meals, and cleaning the streets of Baltimore have become annual events for her. In 2015 Danielle went way and beyond and gave away more then just $400 worth of school supplies to over 200 children. Along with the school supplies and backpacks Danielle contacted several different business such as Cold Stone Creamery, Chick fil A, Burger King, Chipotle, Subway, Downtown Locker Room, Shoe City, local Radio Station, Celebrities and Political Officials; who all came to help make a difference in lives of children who are homeless and live in shelters.
  Danielle expressed an interest in several career endeavors upon graduation from High school.  After graduation Danielle was accepted to several institutions but decided to further her higher education at Clark Atlanta University in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology. Danielle is a current member of Clark Atlanta University’s Woman’s Basketball Team, Panther Diamond, Miss. CAB of Campus Activity Board, Event Coordinator for Student- Athlete Advisory Committee and National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice.
 Danielle is a the Charity Event Coordinator for Beyond the Basics Clothing and current intern for The Georgia State Legislative Black Caucus and has worked at Downtown Locker Room as a customer service representative.  
 Danielle has been active in her community in political, religious and educational activities.  She has served as a volunteer with youth organizations and gives back to her community. She also shadowed local elected officials to get a grasp on what changes they were making for a better Baltimore, to use those ideas on a smaller scale to help her community.
"With God I have everything ,without him I have nothing !"