Bruised Not Broken Dad Cap

Bruised Not Broken Dad Cap


Our black distressed dad cap is timeless and perfect for any season. This hat is equipped with an adjustable strap to guarantee a perfect fit. 


For hundreds of years the black race have been mistreated, mislead, miseducated and misinformed! We as a people have lost our culture, religion, and identity!

After years of being enslaved, segregated and systematically oppressed We are solely #BruisedNotBroken! We are #Born2Bmore!


✊🏾 Preorder this hat at A portion of the proceeds will be gifted to a black owned nonprofit organization 💚💛❤️ Thank you for your continuous support


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” -MLK


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"If the sky's the limit where does infinite begin?"



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